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A few weeks ago Bryan went away for almost a week. I didn’t cancel our Mama Earth Organics box, so on Monday I got a box full of veggies and fruit and no one to help me eat them all. It was Mid-May aka fiddlehead season, so in the box was 1/2 lb of fiddleheads […]

Growing up, we had two rhubarb patches that (I think) just came with our house. We didn’t plant them, they just always existed (mom & dad — correct me if I’m wrong!) There was the patch at the front of the garden and the patch at the back of the garden in amongst the compost […]

I couldn’t figure out what recipe I used to can these grape tomatoes, until I was taking this photo and realized that it was the same brine as the asparagus. I had lots of brine leftover after filling the 3 500mL pint jars, so I filled another jar with grape tomatoes and processed them along […]

Back in May asparagus was fresh and in season. Week after week we received bunches in our organics box, so one weekend I decided to get out the canning jars and do some pickling. I found a recipe on Food In Jars (my fav canning site): I followed the recipe exactly using Club House Pickling spice, […]