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Also while Bryan was away, the Mama Earth Organics box that week also had a big bunch of radishes and probably about 2 lbs of bok choy. I wasn’t going to get to eat any of these before they spoiled, so I searched around to find a way to preserve them. I recently purchased Preserving […]

Last week Diann mentioned that she had just gone to a u-pick strawberry patch and came back with a flat of strawberries. I told her that she had to tell me next time she was going so that I could get her to pick me up some. She texted me the next day saying that […]

A few weeks ago, my friend Laura posted on Facebook that she had a Rainer cherry tree in her backyard and wondered if anyone wanted any cherries. I quickly googled “canning sweet cherries” to find something interesting to make and found another Food In Jars recipe for pickled sweet cherries: I actually used the […]

Bryan and I went back to my parents place one weekend in June and raided the last little bit of the rhubarb patch and a lot of their herbs. Later that week, I was biking through Dufferin Grove park and picked up my first quarts of fresh Ontario strawberries at the market for $5/quart. I […]

Mom brought a HUGE bunch of rhubarb that weekend in May / June. I took a bit less than half and pickled them and then stewed the rest using a basic recipe from the National Centre for Home Preservation: I think I had used about 4 cups of chopped rhubarb and it cooked down […]

Growing up, we had two rhubarb patches that (I think) just came with our house. We didn’t plant them, they just always existed (mom & dad — correct me if I’m wrong!) There was the patch at the front of the garden and the patch at the back of the garden in amongst the compost […]

I couldn’t figure out what recipe I used to can these grape tomatoes, until I was taking this photo and realized that it was the same brine as the asparagus. I had lots of brine leftover after filling the 3 500mL pint jars, so I filled another jar with grape tomatoes and processed them along […]