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I was in the darkroom a few weeks ago experimenting with stuff… Did a rubbing of the hardwood floor. Figured out conte was my best choice for rubbings…. Later, I scanned the rubbing (below). I have to figure out methods of fixing the rubbing so it won’t smudge. I think you can get spray for […]

I’m sitting in the gallery, trying my best to concentrate on reading the book in front of me. I get halfway through a paragraph (sometimes only halfway through a sentence) and my mind wanders. I’ve had an idea for a photo project for the past few years stewing in my brain. I’m almost at the […]

I spend my Saturdays as a gallery attendant, which usually means I have many hours to sit and contemplate, usually on art, creating art, or viewing art. I feel as though I’ve been out of touch with those last two this past year, despite being at a gallery on a weekly basis. A few months […]