Marinated Snap Peas made into a Salad


A few week ago I was at a meeting where the host put out some carrots, snap peas, and hummus for some snacks. We ate a bunch of the veggies, but there was still a lot leftover so she asked if I wanted to take home the snap peas. I immediately said yes, knowing that there was a recipe in Preserving by the Pint for Marinated Sugar Snap Peas with Ginger and Mint. This wasn’t a canning recipe, but these extended the life of the peas for about a week.

Marinated Sugar Snap Peas with Ginger and Mint

Marinated Sugar Snap Peas with Ginger and Mint*

Once they were sufficiently rested in the brine, I tried a few and they were quite good. A few days later, I used these as the base for a quinoa salad, which was delicious! Even though both the brine for the peas and the salad dressing had ginger and pint, I did not make any substitutions to the dressing. The peas had a sourness to them from the vinegar in the brine and the dressing gives a creamy/sweet flavour profile, so the whole taste was quite good.

*See that big pile of rhubarb in the background? Bryan brought home a huge bag of rhubarb and some asparagus from the farm. We ate the asparagus and the rhubarb is for another post..


2 Responses to “Marinated Snap Peas made into a Salad”

  1. 1 Carol

    Katie…wow…sounds so delicious. I am totally jealous of a taste experience I am sure I would have loved, especially after having tried your dilled green beans. Would love it if you would share this recipe. 🙂

    • Hi Carol. I have this recipe in a book and can copy it out for you. I’d prefer not to post it online as I don’t think the author has it posted anywehre.

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