Fermenting Successes and Failures


Also while Bryan was away, the Mama Earth Organics box that week also had a big bunch of radishes and probably about 2 lbs of bok choy. I wasn’t going to get to eat any of these before they spoiled, so I searched around to find a way to preserve them.

I recently purchased Preserving by the Pint, which is a recipe book of small batch preserves. Not just canning, the book includes several fermenting recipes and other ways of persevering listed by section. One of the recipes was for Fermented Radish Slices that involves slicing radishes and letting them ferment in a brine on the counter for a few days. Unfortunately, after a week on the counter I took off the cloth covering the top and found that it had moulded.

Fermented radish slices left out to ferment too long.

Fermented radish slices left out to ferment too long.


A few days after I started the radishes fermenting, I started searching to figure out what to do with all the bok choy I had that week. One of the first recipes I found was one for Bok Choy Kimchi. This recipe specified to keep the jar in a cool, dark place, which may have been where I went wrong with the radishes. After a week, I took the cloth off the jar and tasted the bok choy and it was delicious! Bryan and I now have a big quart jar of homemade kimchi in our fridge!

This week we received more radishes, so if we don’t eat them in the next few days I may try the fermented radishes again but keep them in a cool, dark place and maybe check in on them a bit more.


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