canning… strawberry rhubarb rosemary jam


Bryan and I went back to my parents place one weekend in June and raided the last little bit of the rhubarb patch and a lot of their herbs. Later that week, I was biking through Dufferin Grove park and picked up my first quarts of fresh Ontario strawberries at the market for $5/quart. I had a $20 so I bought 4 quarts. They were organic, tiny, and super tasty. I had forgotten how good fresh strawberries were. They did not last long in the apartment!

Before I could eat them all up, I scoured Pinterest for an interesting strawberry rhubarb jam recipe and found recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Rosemary Jam:

I sterilized two small 125mL jars, two squat 250mL jars, and one regular shaped 250mL jars and started cooking the jam. Because I use a fairly small stock pot to can, I had to do the jam in two batches. The first batch was one of the small jars and both squat jars. The second batch…well, I’ve never canned jam in two batches before so it was a learning experience. I’ve learned that if you need to process in two batches, perhaps leaving the jam for the second batch on the element with the element on is not the best way to go. Burnt jam sucks. Burnt jam made with some of the most delicious strawberries you’ve ever tasted sucks even worse.


So, I had three jars in the end. Luckily, the recipe called for 3 cups of strawberries, which was only a little over a quart so I didn’t loose too much.

This jam is DELICIOUS, however I don’t taste the rosemary at all. I don’t think I’d add the rosemary if I were to make it again, as it just seems more like strawberry rhubarb jam with random floating bits.


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