canning… pickled sweet cherries


A few weeks ago, my friend Laura posted on Facebook that she had a Rainer cherry tree in her backyard and wondered if anyone wanted any cherries. I quickly googled “canning sweet cherries” to find something interesting to make and found another Food In Jars recipe for pickled sweet cherries:

I actually used the recipe from Marisa’s book, which adds salt. Thankfully Diann has the book (it’s on my birthday wish list.. hint hint) so I could get the recipe with the salt. I told Laura that I wanted at least 3 lbs and she could have a jar. 

We made arrangements to meet up and I ended up biking over to her place this past Sunday. The bike ride was mostly up the railpath, which is a super fun and fast place to bike. I got to Laura’s house and we started picking cherries. We used a hoe to bring down some branches and then climbed the tree and climbed up to the roof of her shed to get even more cherries. Climbing the tree brought back some great memories of being a kid.

I grew up with two of the same type of cherry trees in my backyard. They were gigantic trees, probably more than twice the size of the one in Laura’s backyard. I LOVED those trees so much. They were my favourite climbing trees and would spend most of my outdoor time in July up in the tree munching on cherries and spitting out the pits. The trees were so large that it was never feasible to really pick them because the cherries were so high up and ended up being eaten by birds. I also remember that they were ripe usually around the time that we went up north, which was mid July so Laura’s cherry tree must be early in the season.

Laura and I almost picked every single cherry on her tree. The only branch that was left was out of reach. Laura said that she had a bunch of cherries inside, so she gave me all the ones we picked that day. Yay!


Yesterday was Canada Day, so I had the day off work and spent most of it canning. Pickles are super easy to can, so I started with the cherries and then moved on to jam later (see next post).


I haven’t had a chance to taste these yet, as they have to sit for 48 hours. I’m so excited!!

I’m hoping the weather is nice this weekend so I can take another bike ride up the railpath to give Laura her jar.

Also, if anyone has any extra fruit or vegetables or is going to a farm or fruitstand out in the country, please let me know because I may want you to pick me up something! I have no car and can’t get out their myself, so if you pick me up some I’ll give you a jar of what I can!!



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