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I was in the darkroom a few weeks ago experimenting with stuff… Did a rubbing of the hardwood floor. Figured out conte was my best choice for rubbings….

Later, I scanned the rubbing (below). I have to figure out methods of fixing the rubbing so it won’t smudge. I think you can get spray for that but I’ve also heard that hairspray works too… Hmmm…

I took the rubbing into the darkroom and made a negative. Positive? Negative?

So if the floor is the positive, then the rubbing would be a negative, so the image above would be a positive? And if I made an inverse of this image in the darkroom that would be a negative?
I think that sounds right. Also, in the above image theoretically the dark spaces between the floorboards are still dark because the conte couldn’t make an impression of them on the negative.

So I think I’ve decided what’s positive and negative.

Last thoughts: I had forgotten how crappy RC Paper is. It really sucks. I thought it’d be great to use for the first few times back in the darkroom because it’s fast and easy, but it just ended up being annoying an ugly. Fibre from now on.


2 Responses to “Stuff I’m working on”

  1. 1 Bryan

    The rubbing is the positive ’cause you’re creating a new image at that point, you’re not capturing the existing image in negative, otherwise it would be the inverse of the greyscale of the wood tones etc.

    • I disagree. I see similarities between a film negative and the rubbing. In a sense they both create a negative impression on their medium. The rubbing physically creates an impression of the visually lighter parts of the image (the floorboards) and the visually darker parts (cracks between the floorboards) are missed by the conte.

      This same process happens in a film negative. An unexposed negative is relatively clear (similar to the white parts of the rubbing), so the darker areas of a negative are clear, just as the dark parts (cracks in the floorboard) of the rubbing are white (or “clear”).

      While it is another image, it’s still based on the opposite, or negative, of the floorboards.

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