Long Saturdays…


I spend my Saturdays as a gallery attendant, which usually means I have many hours to sit and contemplate, usually on art, creating art, or viewing art. I feel as though I’ve been out of touch with those last two this past year, despite being at a gallery on a weekly basis.

A few months ago I got a membership to Gallery 44 in hopes of doing some more printing. In China, I purchased an old medium format camera and took some black and white rolls (along with some colour rolls). I hope to reserve a regular evening where I can go into the darkroom and create again. Anyone else have a membership and want to do a regular printing night? I’m thinking weekly or biweekly, with also visits to the colour darkroom at Image Works.

I’m also hoping to make attempts at viewing more art and getting out to galleries. My Monday to Friday schedule often conflicts with most gallery hours, so I’m hoping to catch gallery openings as much as possible.

I’m super excited about the David Hoffos exhibit about to open (Sept 10) at MOCCA. I always have a blast at their openings. I saw Hoffos’ work when it was at Gallery TPW many years back and was blown away. I’ve seen some shots of the installation process on MOCCA’s flickr site and it looks awesome. The only downside is that I don’t imagine the work would be the best viewed at an opening. Yes I realize that it’s always quite terrible to view the actual art at an art opening, but from what I remember from the work up at TPW, Hoffos’ work demands to be viewed at your own pace in the very darkened, solitary corridors. Certainly, the opening at MOCCA will
not be in those conditions. Ah well, MOCCA’s hours are until 6 and they’re open Sundays, so if I don’t get back to view the work (it closes in December), it’s my own fault and i will have failed my mission of viewing more art this year.

Ok people are about to enter the gallery so I must put my phone away…


One Response to “Long Saturdays…”

  1. 1 Laura

    do what you love. I’m realising more and more how important it is.

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