Arrived safe in China


We arrived safe in China. Currently in the Shanghai airport waiting for our flight to Chengdu feasting on such Chinese delicacies as Coca-cola, mocha coffee, and roasted bread with garlic. RMB 68 or just over $11 CND

I’m posting via email so please comment letting me know if this works (includes 1 photo) Facebook, twitter, and wordpress don’t work. I have it set up to email me comments for approval so I’ll be able to read them. I don’t think I’ll be able to approve them though.


3 Responses to “Arrived safe in China”

  1. 1 Laura

    The post worked. Nice lunch. Glad you’re safe.

  2. 2 Jane Chasowy

    Hi Katie,
    Am able to see your post and the picture.
    Thanks for calling and letting us know you arrived safely.Is Shanghai getting the torrential rain that south China is getting? Hope the last leg of your journey goes well. Take care, Love Mom

  3. 3 Matthew Pereira

    Hi Katie! Everything seems to work well so far. I’m travelling vicariously through your blog while I’m stuck at home patching and painting my apartment. Please take lots of pictures. :3

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