Last weekend in Toronto


Last night Bryan and I went out for pizza and beer and planned out the things we wanted to see. I had all the days in each city in a list with another list of what I wanted to do in each city. We roughly planned out all the things we wanted to see, while still leaving lots of room for spontaneity.

It’s funny though – Bryan mentioned that this is the most he’s ever preplanned for a trip, while this my be the least (excluding when Heather and I went to San Francisco) planned trip I’ve ever been on. Not that it’s a bad thing – I think how much we have preplanned is a perfect amount. I’m used to going on trips planned by my mother. My mom is a five gold star trip planner. She researches where she’s going years in advance and has a full itinerary months in advance. More recently she’s been planning trips for groups of around 20 of her friends, so I can see why she plans so far in advance.

For our trip, on the one hand I can see why you’d want to plan that far ahead, but I also want to leave time to see things that I find out about when in over there.

I’ve started my scrapbook. I don’t exactly know how I’ll incorporate this blog into it. I printed, cut, and pasted all previous entries into it. I’ll also probably leave pages for photos and postcards.

Speaking of postcards, I’ll need to figure out how to spell Canada in Chinese characters and get international stamps. I also need to trim my tracing paper and get charcoal or conte for stuff I’m working on over there.

So excited.

Update: translator app says Canada is 加拿大.


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