Assembling all the pieces


YESTERDAY My parents and my Aunt Jackie came to visit me. My lovely parents* surprised me with a care package:

Clockwise from bottom left: Canada flip-flops, Off bug lotion towelettes, Watkins insect repellent, hand sanitizer with a picture of a golden retriever on it, Bactine, toothbrush holder, contact lenses, pack of disposable razors, shaving cream, travel sized ice wine, yellow envelope of 4 “Canada” pins that I can “borrow”, his and hers money belts, Equate allergy sinus medication, Equate allergy formula that my mother had labelled “BENADRYL” to let me know that it’s generic Benadryl, Gravol, Equate diarrhea relief, Canon digital camera, three fanny packs, 600 Yuan, Tide to go pen, Tide liquid detergent for handwashing in a sink, wet ones, toothpaste.

My mom’s pretty awesome.

We had a lovely brunch at Kalendar then to Balfour Books to take advantage of their half-price-off-sell-it-because-we-don’t-want-to-move-it moving sale (My title, not theirs). I was going to get The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to read on the plane, but then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t bring literature that’s critical of Soviet Russia to Communist China. So I went with The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan and and Surfacing by Margaret Atwood. Over brunch I was talking to my aunt about Nepal** and in Balfour Books she found a book written by an anthropologist who visited Nepal in the 1960s (when few Westerners visited). It’ll be interesting to read about Nepal from the perspective of a 60s anthropologist.

We got back and chatted for a bit, they took Chesterfield back to the country so he could have a vacation too and went home. I lazed around a bit and then went to the Dufferin Mall where I found red Keds on sale! They match my red purse I bought from Urban Outfitters for my travels. I love Keds:

Red Keds!I want a pair in every colour, just in case you want to get me a b-day present. My b-day is on August 26th and I take a 9 or 9.5 (ladies) in Keds.

While I was in the Dufferin Mall I also looked in H&M for summer dresses. It’s going to be 30+ degrees and 100% humidity in China, so my plan is to wear cute summer dresses. I bought one from there a few weeks ago for $14. They didn’t have any other dresses that were $14 that wouldn’t be an oversized shirt and therefore too short to wear as a dress. I will look again this coming Sunday.

Then, later on that day Bryan’s dad came to Toronto to drop off our ticket information and information about our insurance. Twas a full day of parents.

TODAY I went to work and awaited my package. I decided to order a Diana Camera from last Tuesday and they tried to deliver it to my work on Friday, but I was not at work until 2. Luckily, the delivery man came at around 12:30 with the box. I tore it open and found:

Yay!! Diana Camera!! 35mm back!!! So excited!!!!! To excited to put into words!!!!

*I would like to thank, in the fine print, mostly my mother for this care package as I know it was her who put it together. I would also like to thank my dad because he probably would have sort-of somewhat put together something if my mom had not.
** Nepal is another adventure. I will explain when China’s over.


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