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Bryan and I found free wifi as we are currently waiting for Beijing opera to start. We were suckered into buying an expensive pot of tea because we were unaware of the free tea at the table. But it tastes a lot better than the free stuff. Ah well it’s our last night in Beijing. […]

Yesterday Bryan and I went to the Forbidden City. It was hot and smoggy. Then we ate scorpions on a stick among other stick food. Today we went to the great wall. It was so misty that we could barely see 50 metres ahead of us so no pics of the scenery. Then we tried […]

Bryan and I biked the 14 km city wall of Xi’an today. Was lots of fun. Didn’t take pic with phone, just Bryan’s camera so Bryan took a photo with his phone of the display on his camera. Please tilt your head 90 degrees to the right to view photo.

There has been a lot of signs here in Engrish that are quite humourous, but I find the incomprehensible way more interesting: Seen in the great mosque in Xi’an.

Got into Xi’an yesterday after many delays and eventually found a hotel. Today was 35 celsius and a lot of walking. Saw the terra-cotta warriors and walked down this ancient snack street. Am so exhausted. Going to explore more of Xi’an tomorrow then off to Beijing the next day

Got back into Chengdu last night from Cangxi. The wedding was beautiful! Lots and lots of food and drinks!! The river by the town was up almost 9 metres than usual. At 12 or so metres the road by the river, where our hotel was, would be flooded. It was a little scary. Today we’re […]

Eating apples at a museum. They found a buried ancient city in 2001.