Things to do in Shanghai


Bryan and I will be arriving in Shanghai at 2:15pm and leaving for Chengdu at 5:00pm on July 15th. List of things to do while in Shanghai (in order of importance):

– find our departure gate
– buy a post card
– call mom and dad letting them know I got to China safely
– see the sights of Shanghai (time permitting)

When researching sights to see at the Shanghai airport, I mostly found websites about sights to see in Shanghai. Unfortunately, I will not have time for that. Reviews of the Shanghai Purdong Airport say that there are lots of power outlets, not so comfortable metal benches, hot drinking water throughout, and a 24-hour Burger King. Also, no free wireless internet so I may not be updating the blog from Shanghai letting everyone know I got to China safely. Wikipedia does have an entry for the Shanghai Purdong Airport, but it does not list any amenities. It does, however, list that both Air Canada and Air China fly in and out of terminal two, which means no terminal transferring.

A travel China guide says this about landing from an international flight and transferring to a domestic one in the airport:

After arriving in the CIQ (China Inspection & Quarantine) Area and being checked, head for the transfer hall to handle check-in and enter the concourse of departure (minimum time duration about 51 minutes).

It also says there’s a bank in the arrivals area so I can exchange some money to get myself a postcard from Shanghai and maybe a spoon for mom.

The Shanghai Airport Authority has yet to update the English portion of their website, but by clicking through infographics, I found the following regarding transferring in terminal 2:

It’s not really legible even on the website. I can’t tell if the top or bottom flow chart would pertain to Bryan and I. I’m hoping its the bottom one, but I’m thinking its the top one as I believe it says “FM.CA Airlines Transfer Process” and CA is Air China. Hmmm. Doesn’t look like there’ll be much time to see even any of the Shanghai airport.

Any suggestions on what to do in the Shanghai airport?


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