“Village” to Village


While visiting home over the weekend, I showed my mom where all I was going on google maps. I showed her the driving directions from Chengdu to Cangxi then Cangxi to Beimencun. She pointed out something that I had overlooked: driving from Cangxi to Beimencun was 13.5km yet the driving directions say they take about 26 minutes to drive. That’s a long time to travel 13.5km. Also, below is how google maps shows Beimencun.

I don’t expect google maps to be perfectly accurate in the countryside, especially the Chinese countryside, so this is exciting. No matter how much I look up this village on the Internet, I will not find answers. It’s going to remain mystery until I get there.


3 Responses to ““Village” to Village”

  1. 1 dailymax

    If you really want *any* information, check google earth. Sure, it’s about 10 photos that may or may not be in the right place, but it’s something!

  2. 3 dailymax

    so you did. ah, the perils of just reading the linked article!

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