Mystery of the Mysterious “Village”


Bryan’s wonderful brother Mark*, the reason for this whole China trip,  has slowly been revealing more clues about this “village” of his wife’s birth. I don’t think he meant to slowly reveal details like some game of Clue, but he did and I found my three clues and made my guess…

CLUE #1: North of Chengdu.

CLUE #2: Approximately 5 hour bus ride away

CLUE #3: On the spreadsheet** he made outlining where everyone was going to be when, shortform for the “village” was CX

Using these three clues I got out my trusty Google Map and had a peek of the terrain north of Chengdu.

My guess? CIBAXIANG. It’s 1. North of Chengdu; 2. 6hrs 27mins away from Chengdu according to Google Maps. I know that’s a bit too long, but it’s Google in China, I don’t expect it to be accurate; 3. Fits in with the shortform CX.

Here’s the map***:

I sent Mark an e-mail telling him where I thought Ling’s hometown was and awaited his response****…

*Bryan also has a brother Peter. He’s pretty cool too, but he’s not getting married in a faraway country that I get to visit. Until that happens, Peter will not be wonderful. No offense, Peter, you’re pretty cool though.
**Mark is amazing.
***This image was ridiculously difficult to create on Bryan’s computer due to the stupidity that is Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Maybe this is partially due to me spending most of my day at work on my beloved MacBook that does not have a power cord so is constantly dead so I’m in a bit of a sour mood. I really do miss my MacBook. It was nice to spend some quality time with it today. Anyways, Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Crap! I took Print Screen CTRL+C CTRL+V image captures (oh, yes, I also miss my”grab” app) and put them in Jasc Crap Shop Pro. I cropped them and then tried to insert them into one file, but there is no way to MOVE individual layers in Jasc Crap Shop Pro. At least if there is it was not easily apparent. So I thought I’d look it up in the “Help” but then got this lovely message: FAILED TO LAUNCH HELP. Apparently Windows Help Program is no longer available  and no longer included in Windows. WTF. Luckily Bryan had one of those photo stitcher program things so I could get the image.
****FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve written this post after I’ve found out Ling’s hometown. Bryan if you reveal the answer in a comment I will not approve it so don’t even try.


One Response to “Mystery of the Mysterious “Village””

  1. 1 Kare

    Hey I m glad you made it safe and sound! I hope you have a blast and I can t wait to see all the pictures!

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