For the love of Xi’an


My mom told me my neighbour Mary (who went to China a few years ago) said Xi’an was like Niagara Falls. I’m not too sure if she meant it as the honeymoon capital of China or full of kitsch or that it’s a wonder of the world. Regardless, I’m excited for heart shaped bathtubs and wax museums.

We’ll be there 3 days, 3 nights. 1 day for terracotta warriers, 1 day for this bike ride thing, 1 day for ?

Evening for nightlife, rock music, and heart shaped bathtubs. Says wikipedia about Xi’an:

“Xi’an is known for its rock music, and is one of the vigorous underground musical centres in China – the other three being Beijing, Kunming and Chengdu. It is home to contemporary Chinese Stars such as Xu Wei (许巍), Zhang Chu (张楚), Zheng Jun (郑钧).”

Excited for this “rock music” (and heart shaped bathtubs).


One Response to “For the love of Xi’an”

  1. 许巍 is a very good singer. Love him. Sure wouldn’t you mind if I share one of his tracks to you, do you? =)


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