Visa & Mastercard..


Picked up my Chinese visa yesterday. I can now legally enter China.

Got the cost of my flights yesterday. Had to call Mastercard to get a credit limit increase so I can pay for it. As I mentioned on my Facebook status, this flight is the single largest purchase I’ve ever made in my life aside from college (which doesn’t count because I haven’t paid OSAP back for that yet). Good thing I have a PC Mastercard so I get PC points with this purchase so I can use them for groceries at No Frills when I return to Canada in August and am poor.

Here’s our itinerary (all times local to the city we’re in at that time):

Jul 14 dep Toronto 7:00AM, arr Vancouver 9:00AM
Jul 14 dep Vancouver 11:05AM, arr Shanghai 2:15PM Jul15
Jul 15 dep Shanghai 5:00PM, arr Chengdu 8:00PM

Ok so in Toronto time this means that Bryan and I catch the 300 blue night vomit commit from Bloor and Ossington at 3:09am on July 14th and arrive in Chengdu on July 15th at 8:00am Toronto time. Total travel time: 29 hours.

Looks like we’ll have the July 16th – 24th for exploring Chengdu and the wedding on the 22nd . Chengdu was described to me as a “town” of 7 million people. The wedding is in a “village” a few hours north of Chengdu. I have no idea how big this “village” is going to be. I don’t think I want to know until I get there. I like the mystery of the “village” description. I think of Sweaburg as a “village.” We’ll be in the “village” for 3 – 4 days before returning to Chengdu. Then off to Xi’an…

Jul 25 dep Chengdu 7:50AM, arr Xianyang 9:00AM
Terracotta warriors in Xi’an! Bike rides! Looks like we’ll have 3 full days here. Travel time from Chengdu to Xi’an: 1 hour 10 minutes, unless there’s some time change that I’m not aware of. After Xi’an we’re off to Beijing.

Jul 28 dep Xianyang 10:25AM, arr Beijing 12:20PM
Great wall! Other old stuff! Guess we’ll have 3.5 days in Beijing. Travel time from Xi’an to Beijing: 2 hours.

Time to go home.
Aug 1 dep Beijing 6:05PM, arr Toronto 6:45PM
Looks like a flight of 40 minutes. In reality it’s more like 12 hours and 40 minutes.

Toronto to Chengdu: 29 hours (including time to get to the airport, via Vancouver and Shanghai)
Chengdu to “village”: 3 hours (bus)
“village” to Chengdu: 3 hours (bus)
Chengdu to Xi’an: 1 hour 10 minutes (does not include time to check in)
Xi’an to Beijing: 2 hours (does not include time to check in)
Beijing to Toronto: 12 hours 40 minutes (does not include time to check in)
SUB TOTAL: 50 hours 50 minutes.
TOTAL: 55 hours (approx, a few hours added time for checking in and stuff)

I’m going to have lots of time to finish my Geese in Flight.

Bryan’s super organized brother Mark sent us a spreadsheet of where everyone’s going to be when, including the time in the “village” for the wedding. He’s cryptically coded the “village” as CX and we’re there from the 20th to the 23rd. The wedding’s on the 22nd. I’m enjoying the fun of slowly filling in pieces of information about this “village”.


5 Responses to “Visa & Mastercard..”

  1. 1 Bryan

    There’s no time zones in China. The entire country is on Beijing time. As a result the sun doesn’t rise till 10am in some parts.

  2. 3 Heather

    Come on, you don’t really believe that they’ll let you take needles on the plane do you?? Don’t you see what dangers they possess. You could run to the cockpit manically threatening everyone with it and then repeatedly poke the pilot in the eyes…. and then the co pilot…. and then take the entire plane hostage.

    • …. but you CAN bring a needle on a plane…. it’s on the list of approved things. You cannot, however, bring a pinata. And any meat cleavers your bring must be checked.

      • 5 Heather

        I’m really confused as to why they won’t let me bring a crowbar, concealed knives or any contraband on the flight with me…. fuckers. At least they’re letting me keep my shoelaces, so it won’t be completely like prison. I hated prison.

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