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Bryan and I will be arriving in Shanghai at 2:15pm and leaving for Chengdu at 5:00pm on July 15th. List of things to do while in Shanghai (in order of importance): – find our departure gate – buy a post card – call mom and dad letting them know I got to China safely – […]

Tomorrow I give my cat away to my parents and say goodbye. My father told me yesterday that he’s having nightmares where he’s trying to negotiate with the Canadian embassy in China because something has gone wrong and there’s some kind of emergency. Last night I had a dream where Bryan and I, along with […]

While visiting home over the weekend, I showed my mom where all I was going on google maps. I showed her the driving directions from Chengdu to Cangxi then Cangxi to Beimencun. She pointed out something that I had overlooked: driving from Cangxi to Beimencun was 13.5km yet the driving directions say they take about […]

I awoke the morning after sending my guess to Mark with the following e-mail: Ling’s Hometown is called Cangxi, it a little south of Guangyuan That was it. I was kind of disappointed that the mystery was revealed and I couldn’t make another guess. Bryan told me he found the name of the “village” on […]

Bryan’s wonderful brother Mark*, the reason for this whole China trip,  has slowly been revealing more clues about this “village” of his wife’s birth. I don’t think he meant to slowly reveal details like some game of Clue, but he did and I found my three clues and made my guess… CLUE #1: North of […]

The cost of traveling halfway around the world and back has finally appeared on my credit card statement. Deep Breath. Jul 14 dep Toronto 7:00AM, arr Vancouver 9:00AM Jul 14 dep Vancouver 11:05AM, arr Shanghai 2:15PM Jul15 Aug 1 dep Beijing 6:05PM, arr Toronto 6:45PM $2,397.02 Deep breath. Jul 15 dep Shanghai 5:00PM, arr Chengdu […]

My mom told me my neighbour Mary (who went to China a few years ago) said Xi’an was like Niagara Falls. I’m not too sure if she meant it as the honeymoon capital of China or full of kitsch or that it’s a wonder of the world. Regardless, I’m excited for heart shaped bathtubs and […]